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The Napoleonic Wars may have only lasted for some 15+ years, but its visibility and awareness far exceeds the time frame occupied by this brief slice of British history. The names of Moore, Wellington, Nelson, mad King George, Jane Austen and even Napoleon himself, are entrenched in British Folklore.


It is with great pride, that members of the 44th play our part in bringing this period of history to life. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we exhibit a great regard for our military heritage, maintaining our high standard of living history interpretation, be it as part of a battle scenario, drill display or a simple ‘one to one’ with a member of the public.  

The loyalty of our members helps to make all of this possible, we are fortunate that our numbers remain fairly steady. There are not many re-enactment groups that after some 18 years, continue to maintain as consistent an establishment level as we do. Yes we may lose a few, thankfully most tend to be our younger members, to higher education (hopefully to return after a few years, but we seem to compensate for our losses, those we lose are made up with the addition of a few new recruits.   

In 2018 we will enjoy another year of great events, a return to favourite venues such as Hole Park in Kent, Ickworth House near Bury St Edmunds and our training base at Tilbury Fort. Visiting Ireland to help commemorate the 220th anniversary of the Battle of Vinegar Hill, Astorga in Northern Spain will see us, as part of The Allied Brigade, re-enact the conflict of 1808 where Sir John Moore’s beleaguered army continued to resist French efforts bent upon its destruction. The year starts off  in grand style with the first ever re-enactment at Quatre Bras, the famous prelude to Waterloo, an action in which the 44th through its courage and no little skill enhanced its reputation. Keep an eye on the event page for regular updates of what we are doing)

Our confidence in the future of the 44th is supported by our members’ knowledge, skill and camaraderie, our camp followers and supporters, including family members, all playing their part to keep their Regiment on the march.


Would you like to be a part of all this?  Well you could be – just take the king’s shilling on offer from the Regiment’s 44th recruiting party. (The “Joining us” page) It will change your life.

God save His Majesty’s 44th


Brigadier General Edwin Parker

Colonel of the 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot.  

A message of welcome to 2018 from the Commanding Officer

For members of the Regiment and all those interested in our future.

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