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 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!


In June 2015, 50 members of the 44th East Essex Napoleonic Re-enactment Regiment, joined some 2500 other Re-Enactors from around the world to take part in the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. For many of them it was the pinnacle of a Napoleonic Re-Enactment career that had spanned 15 years, for all, it was 3 days that will never be forgotten. 

The 44th served in the British Division of the Allied army as part of "2Brigade"  which was commanded by their own CO, Brigadier General Ed parker, They bivouacked, in the Garden of the hallowed grounds of Hougoumont itself, and drilled, paraded, fought, socialised, ate, and drank over 3 days of the incredible adrenalin fuelled excitement and emotions this extraordinary event created.

As the years pass, memories have dimmed so we thought, before it's too late and all is forgotten, it would be good if the personal recollections of  44th members could be recorded.  Different experiences and different memories, prompt different responses - these are the individual and personal memories of some members of the 44th. 

These are their stories

A Waterloo Story